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Gallery 2015

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Young Gold Residential Project in Bushmanland

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St Paul’s is going Google

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High School Art Exhibition

IMG_6903 IMG_2112
Bradley Tjongarero Individual Amy Coury Individual
Gr 11 Individual 6 Geneva Brown Individual 2 Miranda Christian Individual 1
Zan le Roux Individual 2

The new building on the St Paul’s premises

IMG_8081 IMG_9454
IMG_0205 IMG_2305

Primary School Science Fun Day

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Reporters’ Club and the St Paul’s Times

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IMG_5490 IMG_5491 - Copy
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Grade 7 Excursion

IMG_6408 IMG_6345 - Copy
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IMG_6140 IMG_6115
IMG_6090 IMG_6045
IMG_6019 IMG_5988

High School Interhouse Sports Day

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IMG_2303 IMG_2257

High School Drama Production

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IMG_2613 IMG_2646

Valentines Dance

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IMG_6298 IMG_6381 IMG_6278 - Copy

Primary School and High School Independence Celebrations

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IMG_6831 IMG_6726
IMG_6794 IMG_6736

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Old Gold Group: Residential project at Petrus Vries Primary School close to Rehoboth in the South of Namibia.

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Grade 9 Fun Event

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IMG_8069 IMG_7993

Mathematics Top Achievers in IGCSE examinations

High School Athletics

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IMG_6008 IMG_5939

IMG_0855 IMG_0853

Grade 8 Teambuilding & Leadership Training

006 015

027 full (39 of 167) full (45 of 167) full (71 of 167) full (97 of 167) 058

High School Art workshop

DSC_3711 DSC_3729 DSC_3732

DSC_3758 DSC_3703

Primary School Athletics

IMG_1061 IMG_1132 - Copy

IMG_1275 IMG_1437

IMG_1502 IMG_1588

Grade 12 students welcome the new Grade 8′s to the High School

IMG_5428 IMG_5441

IMG_5465 IMG_5467

Grade 1′s and Grade 8′s celebrate the start of the year at St Paul’s College

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IMG_5553 IMG_5563

IMG_5576 Web

Orientation for Grade 8 students 2015

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