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Gallery 2016

The very popular Valentine’s Dance for senior students at the College

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Primary School Science Fun Day

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PTFA social event for Grade 8 parents and students

IMG_3020 IMG_3019

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Grade 12 Science and Biology lessons in the laboratories

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Grade 1′s went for their first swimming lesson

IMG_2800 IMG_2924 IMG_2872 IMG_2827 IMG_2812 IMG_2805

Grade 1 and Grade 8 Balloon Release

IMG_2579 IMG_2538

IMG_2560 IMG_2555


The Traditional Candle Service – Grade 8 and Grade 12

IMG_2417 IMG_2443 IMG_2531 IMG_2437 IMG_2517IMG_2487 IMG_2466 IMG_2426



Grade 8 Orientation

IMG_2380 IMG_0548 IMG_0495 IMG_0453 IMG_2383 IMG_2384 IMG_2377

2016 – A new start for Grade 1′s and many others at the Primary School

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