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Grade 8 Candle Service and Orientation

IMG_2791  IMG_2815  IMG_2850  IMG_2829
IMG_2712 IMG_2704 IMG_2683 IMG_2661 IMG_2658 IMG_2645  IMG_0378 IMG_2597 - Copy

Grade 1 First day of school

IMG_2560 IMG_2531 IMG_2529
IMG_2558   IMG_0342

Commencement Service for the High School

IMG_3130 IMG_3127

IMG_3124 IMG_3115

Grade 1 and Grade 7 Parents’ Evening and the “Buddy system”

IMG_3064 IMG_3050 IMG_2969 IMG_3000 IMG_0567   IMG_0481    IMG_0480   IMG_0606  IMG_0524

Interhouse Athletics

 labourous throw   out paced IMG_3249  IMG_3145  IMG_3161  IMG_3149  IMG_0651  IMG_3180  Dutch runner  IMG_3224   IMG_3184

Grade 1s go swimming

IMG_3279 IMG_3276 IMG_0713 IMG_0693 IMG_0685

The Student Management Council visited the Primary School 

IMG_6630 IMG_6631

The Junior Dux and Junior Sportsman and Sportswoman were awarded at the Middle School Prize Giving

IMG_3260 IMG_3257 IMG_3255

Valentines Day at the College

IMG_3430 IMG_3625 IMG_3477 IMG_3504 IMG_3562 IMG_3608  IMG_3653 IMG_3658 IMG_3679  IMG_6661 IMG_6686 IMG_6783 IMG_6787 IMG_6792 IMG_6795

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