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Culture, Outreach and Leadership


We have a multi-faceted and holistic approach to education. We believe in introducing our children to various cultural disciplines from the onset. Activities offered develop confidence, creativity, open-mindedness, curiosity, critical judgment and aesthetic appreciation. All activities are presented by skilled staff.

St Paul’s Primary offers the following extra-curricular activities:
• Chess
• Public Speaking
• Drama
• Recorder (optional extra)


Our aim is to teach our children by example to live out their love for others and nurture the spirit of giving by way of time and gifts.

Outreach Programmes:

• Grade 1 / Grade 7 Buddy System
• Visiting less privileged communities
• Supporting various charities by tithing, collecting and fundraising

We believe that all pupils have the potential to be leaders. With this in mind each child has an important role to play in the organisation of the school. At the top end of the Primary School, our leadership programme aims to provide all our Grade 7 pupils the opportunity to enhance and develop their organisational, personal, administrative and leadership skills.




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