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School Management


. Mr Iain Guthrie

Email: principal@spcnam.org

or ig@spcnam.org

Deputy Principal
. Ms Bridget Jenkins

Email: deputyprincipal@spcnam.org

. Ms Linnea Quinn

Email: lq@spcnam.org | finance1@spcnam.org

Head of Middle School
. Ms Andrea Callesen

Email: middleschool@spcnam.org

Head of Culture and Outreach
. Ms Zenobia Adonis

Email: culture@spcnam.org

Marketing Manager
. Ms Marianne Pretorius

Email: marketing@spcnam.org

Head of Primary School
. Ms Lesley Saunders

Email: primaryhead@spcnam.org

Head of Lower Primary
. Ms Suzanne Jacobs

Email: primarylower@spcnam.org

Head of Higher Centre
. Ms Anthea Daniels

Email: grade12head@spcnam.org

Head of Sport
. Mr André Benjamin

Email: hssport@spcnam.org



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