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Grade 8 Orientation


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2016 – A new start for Grade 1′s and many others at the Primary School

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Latest News 2015




St Paul’s College Primary School achieved an overall second place in the Regional Science Fair. These students received 4 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

Primary School winners

St Paul’s was awarded the trophy for “Best Secondary School” in the Khomas region for the second year running. All twelve participants came back with medals, we received four “Best in category” prizes and four of our students will represent the Khomas region at the National Science Fair.

High School winners

St Paul’s College Primary School maintained their dominance of recent years at the Mini World Cup Hockey tournament as they won the overall prize for the seventh year in a row. More than 500 junior players from Windhoek and the coast participated with six participating school representing various countries.

Dogters onder 8
Dogters onder 10
Dogters onder 12

Two groups of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme participated in a wheelchair challenge which formed part of Disability Week. Students became aware of the many challenges which people in wheelchairs have to face.

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The Primary School Concert, Ballooning around the World, was a huge success.

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St Paul’s College is proud of their hockey players representing Namibia in Zambia at the Youth Olympic Qualifiers tournament. The captains of both the girls and boys teams are from the College.

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The Youth Award group doing the Orange River trip to qualify for their Silver Award, recently had a preparatory row at the Avis dam.

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A new addition to the school buildings started early this year. This building will accommodate various departments.

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The new school bus arrived at the end of 2013. A special “bus blessing” event was held and we pray for many safe kilometres to be travelled with the new bus.

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The Primary and High School Athletics events reflect the good spirit and participation of all students. This year was no exeption.


The 2014 Grade 8 Orientation was rounded off with a candle service and the release of balloons on the sports field. The new Grade 1′s participated in the balloon event. This event symbolises the start of a new phase for students in both Primary and High School.

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The new Grade 8′s of 2014 had 3 days of orientation. The Student Management Council has organised all activities and students had lots of fun.

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We are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend and student, Angelique Loxton and our thoughts and prayers are with the family in this very difficult time.


The Grade 8 students recently enjoyed the privilege of visiting NARREC, the Namibia Animal Rehabilitation Research and Education Centre, north of Windhoek.
Ms Liz Komen introduced some fundamental Ecological concepts, including: key words to use in an ecological assessment; interesting collection equipment; identification techniques by using signs of the wild and many more.

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The Drama club presents a comedy/mystery play on Friday, 1 November 2013. Tickets are available at the school office. N$70 for adults and N$50 for children.


St Paul’s College won the U15 B cricket league. Well done, boys.

U15 cricket

Zuné and Krynauw Weber, both in the Primary School, participated in the UIPM Biathlon and Triathlon World Championships in Limassol – Cyprus on 5 & 6 October. Krynauw won the Triathlon in his age group and Zuné received a Bronze medal.

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In order to raise awareness of resource consumption, the High School competed in an inter-grade paper drive competition. Pupils and families were encouraged to collect all clean recyclable waste paper. The Grade 8′s won the competition by collecting over 450 kilograms and in total, the High School collected 1200 kilograms of waste paper.

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The High School participates in Breast Cancer Awareness month. Students and staff were dressed in pink in order to support the Pink Drive.


The CREATIVITY EVENING at the Primary School was a huge success. Artists, singers, chefs and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to show their talents and skills to the St Paul’s Community.

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On ARBOUR DAY, 7 trees were planted during a tree planting ceremony at the new parking area opposite the Primary School. Father Bennie blessed the parking area and senior students and Grade 1′s were involved in the planting of the trees.

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Student Management Council 2013/14
Headboy (Right back) Hein Lingenfelder
Headgirl (Right front) Chantelle Hamman
Deputy Headboy (Left back) Kumbee Tjirimuje
Deputy Headgirl (Left front) Svenja Schumann


Valedictory Service and last day for Matrics 2013







Matric Farewell 2013

matric_2013Click on image to view gallery



Fun Day 2013

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Primary School Mini World Cup Hockey

St Paul’s College participated as “Argentina” and won the following age groups:

u/8 boys

u/10 boys en girls

u/12 girls

u/14 boys and girls

u/12 boys silver (second place)

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Khomas Regional Science Fair

The Primary and High School received the following awards at the prize-giving:

  • Best High School in the Khomas Region
  • 7 “Best in the Category” awards
  • 7 Gold medals
  • 12 Silver medals
  • 2 Bronze medals

Five High School Students have been selected to participate in the National Science Fair later this year.

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Maarssen Primary School, Outjo

The project was a great success! Our students were treated with a Bushmen dance program while they were unpacking all the boxes and blankets from the trailer and the bus. A library with lots and lots of books are now available to these almost 700 students. The staff and learners of Maarssen Primary School, Outjo were delighted and blessed by the St Paul’s College Shoebox Outreach.

658 learners received shoeboxes filled with winter goodies.
658 learners received blankets

St Josephs Primary School in Rehoboth received a 12 liter Urn, a 30 liter cooking pot, 4× 1meter wooden spoons and soup/ samp and non perishable foods stuff to the value of N$ 1000 for their Soup Kitchen. Kara Cloete delivered a short but insightful speech during the “handing over” ceremony in front of 800 students and their teachers.

An outreach to Groendraai Primary School, South of Rehoboth:

About 75 learners each received a shoebox filled with some winter goodies, pens and rulers. The following were also donated:
Non perishable food stuff, 20kg meat, 20 brand new mattresses, 40 winter fitted sheets, second hand cloths and shoes.
An outreach to a children’s home in Eros where each learner received a shoebox filled with some winter goodies.

On Thursday we are sending shoeboxes filled with all kinds of stunning treats to the teachers at Groendraai Primary School.

This outreach took the total amount of our 2013 project to over N$ 120 000-00.

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St Paul’s Top Position 2013





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