The Upper School and Grade 12

For many years St Paul’s has been regarded as one of the top academic schools in the country – a reputation closely guarded and constantly developed. We follow the Cambridge Assessment and International Examinations Advanced Subsidiary Level syllabuses in Grade 12. Beginning this work in their Grade 11 year enables students to approach AS Level final examinations with a very secure foundation. Many of our students are accepted into top faculties in South African and other international universities. Through leadership roles in the House Management Committee (HMC) and the Student Management Council (SMC), Grade 12 students are primed to take responsibility while building academic skills.

Another sign of academic success at St Paul’s is the level of participation and achievement in national and international olympiads, fairs and expos. Individual research projects of exceptional quality have enabled students to travel to science fairs all over the world. Students take top prizes for national and world-wide poetry and essay competitions. All of these academic competitions ensure that we constantly benchmark ourselves against international standards. Each year the Art Exhibition showcases outstanding work done by senior students.

Grades 10 and 11 are overseen by Bridget Jenkins, the Deputy Principal and Head of the Upper School. As IGCSE syllabuses are started in Grade 9, the career path a student wishes to follow continues to be explored in gr 10 and 11. IGCSEs are written in the April/May session of the Grade 11 year, allowing maximum teaching time to complete AS subjects before the end of Grade 12 or to rewrite. Grades 11s are also included in the SMC and HMC, giving them a chance to try their hand at leadership.

In addition to a year of school leadership, the Grade 12 year is focussed on assisting students to achieve their very best in the exams with a view to opening up as many avenues of further study for individuals. Grade 12 is closely overseen by Anthea Daniels who works together with the child, the teachers and the parents to ensure this.

Outstanding results in the NSSC Higher Examinations are testament to how well this focussed Grade 12 year works.