The vibrant and caring Primary School incorporates Grade R to Grade 6. Our teachers successfully blend the old with the new, always mindful of having a secure and happy school. A wide range of activities ensure that our pupils grow to their fullest potential. Our academic programme is thorough, and gives emphasis to English as a First Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Drama, Music and Art. We offer German, French and Afrikaans as additional languages.

Namibia offers our children the finest learning landscape in the world. We encourage class trips to explore real life geography, history and sciences. We tap into our rich natural environment by bringing it into the classroom at every opportunity. The curriculum includes chess, while guitar can be taken as an optional extra during the school day.

Our Physical Education Programme focuses on developing gross motor skills as a key component of cognitive development, and the building of confidence – so necessary for the success at this level. The sports programme offers a range of team games for boys and girls.On the sports field, despite being a small school, we compete exceptionally well against our local schools. We have a strong family ethos and work in close partnership with parents to ensure that our children are happy.