Grade R (0) – (age 5 turning 6)

We have two Grade R classes housed in a secure and unique setting. Each class has the support of an assistant. We believe that learning through play, creativity, multisensory activities in academics, sport and culture develops firm foundations. Our holistic approach will equip each child with a set of life skills, knowledge and sensitivity towards self, others and the environment, as they progress through their most formative years at primary school.


Our integrated approach in the classroom and on the playground places the focus on developing motor, language, visual, listening, emotional, cognitive, creative, confidence and social skills. The emphasis is on having fun while learning in a safe and nurturing environment. In Grade R we use physical as well as creative activities to prepare our children for the more formal learning environment.

Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills build foundations, develop confidence and are core areas of focus. The majority of the children’s teaching is with the Class Teacher who, in addition to the above subjects, is responsible for Religious and Moral Education and Art. Our specialist teachers complement the weekly programme with Physical Education, swimming and music, as well as a weekly visit to our Media Centre.

Learner support

We recognise that each child has their own strengths and weaknesses which allow them to learn and develop at their own pace. Our teachers observe, support and provide structures to assist each child reach their potential. Teachers will work alongside parents to provide a strategy for supporting any needs that may occur.


Excursions that are related to themes and skills are an essential part of the curriculum. They offer a fun and practical knowledge of the world. Outings contribute to the school’s holistic approach to education with the aim of “taking the classroom outside”.

Extracurricular Activities

We believe that structured physical programmes lay the foundation for emotional, cognitive and social development. Kiddie Sport and Olympic Kidz are offered as optional extra activities that parents can enrol their children in during the Friday school morning.