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St Paul’s Primary School offers a variety of sporting opportunities on the school campus presented by specialists. We cater for, enhance and incorporate all ability levels.

PE and sport is a catalyst for cognitive development, team work, self discipline, perseverance, socialising which leads to a healthy body and mind. Our compulsory programme assists our pupils to learn the skills and value of a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

Our successful PE programme incorporating the development of motor skills was pioneered at St Paul’s and has since been adopted by other schools in Windhoek. Our Grade 1 and Grade 2 pupils have swimming lessons aimed at making them water safe.

At St Paul’s, a win is wonderful, but our greatest reward is seeing our pupils play a game with true sportsmanship. This is where we need parents to understand our ethos and support us in the same manner.


St Paul’s Primary School offers the following sport:
• Athletics (Summer months only)
• Hockey
• Cricket
• Tennis
• Archery




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