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St Paul’s Primary is an English First Language school. We follow the Namibian Curriculum and extend it to maintain a high academic standard. Our teachers successfully blend the old with the new, always mindful of having a secure and happy school. Small classes and a wide range of activities ensure that our pupils reach their full potential. The Lower Primary Phase lays a solid foundation on which to build confident, successful and enthusiastic lifelong learners, equipped for the demands of an ever changing world. Thereafter, there is an increased emphasis on higher order thinking skills, study techniques, research and presentation skills.

Curricular Subjects and Programmes
English 1st language
Afrikaans 2nd language
German Foreign Language
Social Studies
Religious Education
Information Technology

Learner support
We have recently introduced learner support to assist pupils reach their potential and have achieved significant results in a short period. For those not being accommodated by our in-house team, we have a speech therapist, occupational therapist and an English language specialist who work in their private capacity during the school morning to assist pupils who have been assessed with learning difficulties.




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